Pomerleau and the lunch meat election

Posted on: August 28, 2008

What better election plank than food safety?
Fifteen Canadians dead eating tainted lunch meat, and Canada’s Health Minister doesn’t pause in his playing Obama groupie in Denver, rather than considering the Maple Leaf Foods listeriosis crisis is crisis enough to come home to attend to.

All this on the heels of government plans to cut health inspections.
Luc Pomerleau, a Canadian Food Inspection Agency biologist and union steward, was fired last month for forwarding by e-mail to his union a note (apparently made public by accident), describing cabinet plans to cut government food inspection services while transferring more responsibility to the food industry.

Even with all this on its plate the government has shown it still doesn’t get it.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz had said Pomerleau may face charges, that he was no whistleblower, and that title should go to the individual who turned Pomerleau in.
No issue more clearly illustrates how government can be more than uncaring, but mean-spirited and dangerous.


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