McCain-Palin might be good for Canada, eh?

Posted on: September 1, 2008

How can you tell if Sarah Palin is from Wasilla or Wetaskiwin?

The girl seems down-right Albertan. She is about as Canadian as you can get. She likes moosemeat, she owns a float plane, her husband works in the oil-patch, she hunts, and even as the head of government she drives her own car to work.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, likes free trade, while the Democratic Party nominee, Barak Obama, has made threatening noises to rip it up. (Go ahead, rip it up, along with the guarantee of supply, world price, and no fees. You buy Manhattan with beads once.)

As Alaska governor, Sarah Palin wants more drilling. The woman also has a very Albertan attitude toward oil companies, too, namely the state owns the resource, and oil companies just hold leases to extract the resource. She knows Canada. Her state has inked a deal with TransCanada Corp. for a half a billion dollar gas pipeline, she’s a genuine hockey mom and, hey, McCain even has relatives in Canada.

Suddenly Obama-Biden look less exciting, eh?


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