Palin speech will be just fine

Posted on: September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin speaks in a few hours at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. It will be the speech of her life.
For all the anticipation, following the hub-bub over the new scrutiny of her, she’ll do just fine.
She has already made such a speech in Dayton, Ohio, as the chosen running mate of presumptive Republican nominee for the American presidency.
In that August speech, she thanked McCain, pointed out she and her husband had a  normal American family, that in politics she can stand up to people in power, that she is a corruption fighter and has cut unnecessary spending out of government.
She will emphasize her family life, that her oldest son is off to Iraq on September 11, and that she is proud of him.
War hero John McCain is not a warm soul. He comes across as stiff and overly formal. So does the Republican party itself,  you can almost smell the decay in Minneapolis from here.
Palin is an Alaskan icebreaker. She will exude genuine golly-gee-whiz freshness, which is just what the Republicans need.
The Republican’s bench mark is the late Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, who had a deliberate hokiness, “Well, Nancy and I..”. This is different. Palin is not capable of delivering canned hokey. She cut her teeth in Alaska politics, and it is like Yukon politics, you make zero points unless you are anything but genuine and have done some work in your life.
People won’t expect much from Palin. A lot of people will be happy if she doesn’t trip, lose her place, swear or show off her pregnant daughter’s belly. That’s exactly why Palin will wow the crowd tonight. She will give an adequate, serviceable speech. It will be punctuated by applause, lots of it. She’ll win her crowd over, not by rising to the occasion, but by just being herself. In American politics, with its speechwriters, television consultants, and imagemakers, being yourself is nothing short of revolutionary.
Sarah Palin will do just fine.


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