Squeezeplay is back

Posted on: September 3, 2008

Squeezeplay is back.
About bloody time, too. I’ve missed it, although the two Business News Network hosts were on over the summer doing their schtick under another banner.
But Squeezeplay, the money news show, is where the two hosts, Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary, belong to talk about money.
Quip-a-minute O’Leary is a successful enterpreneur, O’Leary Global, investing world-wide. He is unshy about describing his picks such as Fosters Beer in Australia (“They drink a lot of it and when they’re miserable, they drink more of it.”) and shipping companies. (“It’s a pay daddy dividend”.)
O’Leary’s energetic persona should be grating. His views on corporate taxation (“Dark, sinister and evil.”) and how to negotiate (“Squeeze their heads til their eyeballs pop.”) are almost one-dimensional. Within a minute you get the sense that he got his start selling souls to the devil on commmission. O’Leary is an unapologetic, no-nonsense, lover of money. If Darth Vader was a capitalist he would be joining in on O’Leary’s CEO annual gatherings in Ontario’s lake country. Or maybe O’Leary is Lord Vader, trading shares in Light Sabre Inc.
The principal, and human, host is Amanda Lang, brilliant and eye-catching, welcome audio honey to O’Leary’s verbal stings. Lang is capitalism with a heart, a behind the scenes digger with journalistic savvy. She cannot compete with O’Leary in the quip department nor does she try. She defuses him with a sharp and able mind as knowledgeable as his on the mazes of  money management. She also has a genuine heart that reveals, at times, that O’Leary (surprise!) actually has one. (He happens to like Buzz Hargrove, even.)
They click, these two, as they dive into the week’s business news. She is softer on her interview questions than O’Leary, who punched out this question, as the two interviewed a government whistle-blower who was fired from his job: “Why shouldn’t you be whacked?”
There even has been one or two titillating moments over the life of the program. O’Leary, pitching a money trade to Lang: “I begged you Amanda, I got down on my knees.”
Lang: “If you got down on your knees and begged, I would do anything.”
A business news show worth stopping everything to watch.

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