Sarah Barracuda

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Well, well.

During a blog surf I came across this interesting entry about Sarah Palin on The Galloping Beaver, a multi-author Canadian blog. It included this link to “Crosscut Seattle” featuring a lengthy email from Wasilla, Alaska resident Anne Kilkenny, who knows Sarah Palin well and has some interesting things to say about her and her politics.

The picture isn’t pretty. Kilkenny presents facts as she knows them and as you read, you understand why Palin earned the nickname, Sarah Barracuda.

Kilkenny makes several points, but one in particular is interesting as it points out that Palin’s firing of Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, isn’t the first time she has sparked controversy over a firing of a public official. As Wasilla mayor, Palin apparently wanted a librarian fired for not removing some books from the town library. Kilkenny was one of about 100 town residents who opposed the move.

Very interesting reading.

Thank you for reading Aardvarkcola


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