How to save money on your cell phone plan

Posted on: September 5, 2008

Now here is something useful.
Save Cell Communications, a Toronto company, is in the business of saving you money on your cell phone bill.
Apparently, says Jamie Chadwick, the managing director of Save Cell Communications, wireless providers in Canada have thousands of plans, most of which are not advertised.

I became aware of Save Cell Communications today when I managed to catch a bit of the interview of Chadwick by Howard Green of Business News Network (BNN). When I saw the look of suprise on Green’s face I started taking notes.

“Don’t the cell phone companies hate you guys?” he asked.

I just caught the end of a portion of the interview where it was being explained Save Cell has a site for questions being answered that has either registered 900,000 hits or has 900,000 resgistered users. The site was created as so many people were asking the same questions.

How does Save Cell make money?

This is the rich part.

Save Cell Communications makes money from your savings from your present cell phone plan. That’s how they get paid, either 60 per cent of what you save in the first six months or 100 per cent of what you save in the first three months.
Everyone knows Canadians pay through the nose for cell phone plans. Our rates are much higher than the rates in other countries. I could turn the air blue with my experience with cell phone providers. While Save Cell is a Canadian company, the operate North America-wide so Americans, I guess, can save, too.
What Save Cell Communications require is your last two or three statements from your wireless provider and an your okay to let Save Cell find a plan that’s right for you. Then you start saving.

Here’s the BNN schedule, a July Globe and Mail story on Save Cell Communications, and the Save Cell Communications website. The website is a disappointment, its basically a sign-here form with the barest of information, but I trust BNN.

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[…] Comment! I had a hit on an old blog post I’d fogotten about, but it shouldn’t be hidden in the archives. A Canadian company provides this service. They will hunt for a better cell phone plan for you and save you money. No foolin’. Here’s the link to that post. […]

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