A soldier dies in Afghanistan as election called

Posted on: September 7, 2008

The tally is now 97 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Today’s death is that of Sgt. Scott Shipway, of 2nd battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He had less than a week left in his tour. Sgt. Shipway was killed by a roadside bomb the same day a general election was called.

When the tally of deaths hits 100 I think there will be a good look at this mission while the general election is on. I support the mission, but many have no idea why we are there or don’t support it at all.

I remember last year, waiting at the LTF Building at CFB Edmonton for troops to return and talking to soldiers’ families while we waited. I asked one very feisty woman, thin, gray, in her 80s at least, how she felt about the number of deaths the troops had endured on the mission, a pretty brave question to ask a worried love one, but rather safe considering the fellow she and her family was waiting for was coming home. She looked me right in the eye and put me straight. She had a thick German accent. She knew of people who had fought on the Russian front in the Second World War.  I forget how many soldiers we had lost in Afghanistan at that time. 30? 40? I used the number in my question, whatever it was. She looked at me and said, “That’s nothing!” I was more than a little taken aback by that. “Thousands, hundreds of thousands lost,” she said, looking at me scornfully, clearly remembering a past I could not fathom.

No one I know but her has such a perspective. When our soldier death toll hits 100,  a big number for us, I believe there will be serious national soul-searching on our mission in Afghanistan.

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