Election called

Posted on: September 7, 2008

Gosh, what a surprise. An election call. For Tuesday, October 14.

Is it called foreshadowing, all those advertisments in the past two weeks composed of clip smatterings of bad actors pretending to be real people praising Harper on what seemed, for each, to be the umteenth take to get the fake sentimentality right, and saying they’d vote for him?

Harpers’ shots wearing a blue sweater vest while purring soothing nice-guy words means only one thing. The Conservatives are deadly serious this time about getting a majority.

Meanwhile, back in the Liberal camp, all those green concerns have melted a little since Stephane Dion rolled out the Liberal Party Green Shift. It’s not going to be a top of mind issue for this election, you can feel it. The National Post has an editorial for tomorrow, rightly calling the Green Shift a Liberal albatross. The Maple Leaf Foods issue (13 dead eating cold cuts) is a serious issue the Conservatives should answer for, after planning to reduce federal meat inspections. Dion should run with that.

Jack Layton and the New Democrats rolled out their campaign bus and I note in no photograph of Layton does he look like a socialist party leader. Jack Layton looks like high school football coach that also preaches, instead of teaches, business administration, and sells mutual funds on the side, so never, ever, ever, takes his tie off. I’d buy mutual funds from this man.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has a blog. Pretty sparse blog, though. For those paying attention to the Liberal Green Shift plan and the Green Party concerns about global warming- a news story today is out about open water at both the North West and North East passages.

Update: from the Green Party threatening legal action if leader, Elizabeth May is excluded from the debate and from what, apparently, was three parties opposed the Green Party being included, the Conservative Party appearing to be the leader in that opposition. The Conservatives may have threatened to pull out of the debates if the Green Party was included, forcing the other parties to fall into line- all except the Liberals. Dion was the only leader who supported May’s inclusion. Now the Green Party being included in the television debate. The argument is quite strong, after Member of Parliament Blair Wilson joined the Green Party as their first M.P., that there was no good reason for the Green Party to be shut out of the debate.

Harper’s view was the Green Party and the Liberal Party were one and the same. Harper said in a September 8 campaign stop in Richmond, B.C.,, “…I think it would be fundamentally unfair to have two candidates who are essentially running on the same platform in the debate,” The Bloc, which was included in the television debate plans from the beginning, runs candidates only in Quebec, while the Green Party is running candidates in every riding throughout Canada.

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