Sarah Palin stories drove my blog counter crazy

Posted on: September 7, 2008

This brand new blog started August 28 with a few stories. The blog gained a few hits, two, then ten, then four.

Then I wrote about Sarah Palin after she was appointed John McCain’s running mate for the Republican ticket. Woo. Aardvarkcola suddenly soared with readership, 190 hits on September 4, then six shy of 300 hits the following day, then 266 and down to 186 on September 7, and 190 hits again September 8.

Those few Palin stories are still carrying the blog. I haven’t written anything about her in days. My posts on Canadian soldiers in battle, our own general election, and the like, get a few hits, but those few Palin stories with their links drove my hit counter crazy, and still are.

I’m interpreting this as meaning the American public has been given Governor Palin out of the blue as a possible vice-president and they are hungry for information, any information, on her, even from a new blogger in Western Canada. That’s hungry.

For those of you searching for Palin news and information that you’d never get from mainstream sources, see the Alaskan blog “Mudflats”. The link to it is in my blogroll at right. Drive his hit counter crazy. He actually lives there, is following the story, and any new information is likely to be there. You’re welcome.

Thank you for reading Aardvarkcola


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  • wordbeeps: No, he doesn't deserve an apology. Who tweets during a funeral? If you do, expect feedback. I didn't say the mourners were faking it. I think they we
  • Holly Stick: Look you fuckwit, are you too stupid to realise that Ghomeshi was an actual friend of Layton's, when you tweeted to him that the mourners were faking
  • aardvarkcola: Thank you. I see the rest of your message now. i'm honoured to to have your words on my blog. That alone is a delight. Lawrence


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