Banking giants meet with Bernanke

Posted on: September 15, 2008

Great story on the bank industry meltdown in the United States by Bill Jamieson of The Scotsman, filed today at 11:38. The head honchos of the American banking giants were called in by United States Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke for a meeting. How does a newspaperman from Edinburgh write such a rich I-can-see-it-happening, on-the-spot story on the bank crisis in the U.S.A.? As they might say in Scotland, it’s bloody well done. Who knew Royal Bank of Scotland is the biggest overseas bank in America? They were called in with the rest of them.

What’s the value of bank paper anymore? The people Jamieson calls “The Masters of the Universe” are trying to figure that out

Meanwhile, the financial world is teetering a bit.

Oh, yes, I try to make it a habit of mentioning where I find links if someone else found them first. I found the above link on the Drudge Report.

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