New Democrats understand the lunch meat election

Posted on: September 24, 2008

I somewhere read that the colour orange can inspire a restaurant customer to order more food. It is, apparently, the colour of hunger.

Perhaps the New Democrats have sensed hunger in the land. Who knows why the grand old party of Tommy Douglas of bygone days has chosen the prominent orange colour backdrop for their 21st century socialist-leaning but conservative-looking leader. But do take a look.

The New Democrats get the importance of the Maple Leaf Foods listeria out break, and the concern it has been for everyone who packs a lunch or packs someone else a lunch with cold cut meats. When 15 people die from eating lunch meat, and the government of the day has been on the record as considered reducing government meat plant inspections and letting the industry police itself more, it should be call to arms. The New Democrats are the only party making a stink about it. See their news release for today.

The one vulnerability the Conservatives have and that ordinary people understand is this: you should be able to eat Canadian-raised, Canadian-processed food more safely than food imported from third world countries. The government has the responsibility to protect its people. It failed in this case. That the government was in the process of divesting itself of much of this responsibility means they should pay at the polling booth.

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  • wordbeeps: No, he doesn't deserve an apology. Who tweets during a funeral? If you do, expect feedback. I didn't say the mourners were faking it. I think they we
  • Holly Stick: Look you fuckwit, are you too stupid to realise that Ghomeshi was an actual friend of Layton's, when you tweeted to him that the mourners were faking
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