Wayne and Schuster video- Shakespearian baseball

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Wayne and Shuster, 1958. Shakespearian baseball. They don’t do comedy like this anymore.

First, the story. The catcher, the “mighty Rocky,” can’t get a hit.

His concerned team mates talk about him:

Manager: Alas, the mighty Rocky sits in
yonder locker room and mopes, and
well he might, for in these last ten games
he has not hit the ball, not even once.
Yes, hitless has he gone, and twenty
times has been called out on strikes.
But soft, he comes.
[Enter Rocky, reading a book]
To think he led the league in RBIs,
and now he reads the record book, and cries.
Rocky: O, what a rogue and bush league slob am I!
Is it not monstrous that this player here,
but in a fiction, in a dream of passion,
should gaze upon the record book and find
that he is ten games hitless gone?
O, curséd fate, that I, who led the league,
should bat .208.
A hit, a hit, my kingdom for a hit!

The bottom of the ninth. The home team is behind 1-0. McDuff’s turn to bat.

Rusty: How goes the game?
Manager: Not well. ‘Tis bottom of the ninth,
with one away, and they do lead us by
a score of one to nothing. Who’s next to bat?
Macduff: ‘Tis I, Macduff. Ready am I to do
thy bidding, sire.
Manager: Then take thee thy bat and hy thee
to the plate.
Macduff: I go! [Exit Macduff]
[Enter Rocky]
Rocky: How goes it cousin?
Manager: Our chances dim with every pitch.
‘Tis one away; Macduff is at the plate.
Rocky: Lay on Macduff!
And watch out for that breaking stuff!
[A crack of the bat]
Manager: A hit, a hit, a very palpable hit!
Umpire: 1 Foul ball!
Manager: Foul ball? He called that foul?
A plague upon him. That ball was fair!
Rocky: Fair it was indeed.
You, sirrah, that ball was fair!
Umpire: That ball was foul!
Rocky: So fair a foul I have not seen!
Ancient knave with heart as black
as coat you wear upon your back,
get thee a pair of glasses, get thee
to an optometrist!

McDuff out, it’s Rocky’s turn to bat.

Manager: Now is the summer of our discontent.
‘Tis two away. Just one more chance do
we have to win the game. Who’s next?
Rocky:‘Tis I.
Manager: ‘Tis you?
Rocky: Merry, ‘tis.
Manager: Then go my friend with aid divine
and hit that Pepsi-Cola sign.

Rocky has his soliliquy moment:

Two outs, damp spot. Life is but a
walking shadow. A poor player who
hits and bunts this weary hour upon
the field, and then is heard no more.
It is a tale told by an umpire,
full of sound and fury,
signifying one-nothing.

What happens then? Well, scroll up watch the video. It’s work it.

Thank you for reading Aardvark Cola


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[…] aardvarkcola wrote an interesting post today onWayne and Schuster bvideo/b- Shakespearian baseballHere’s a quick excerptfull of sound and fury, signifying one-nothing. What happens then? Well, scroll up watch the bvideo/b. It’s work it. Thank you for reading Aardvark Cola. Posted in Entertainment Tagged: Shakespearian baseball, Wayne and Shuster. […]

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