Alberta Liberals meet in Calgary

Posted on: October 4, 2008

In 2005 I received a call from a jubilant Kevin Taft, leader of the Alberta Liberals, after he read an editorial I wrote on the hopes for the party. It was a editorial comment following a Conservative cabinet minister at the time, Lyle Oberg, breaking ranks to criticize the Conservative leadership.

The Alberta premier and Conservative leader at the time was Ralph Klein and Oberg was temporarily booted from caucus for his remarks.

Taft never made the inroads I thought he would make. The guy who actually became premier, Ed Stelmach, I met sometime later in a small-town bar, invited by local supporters, introducing him to those who wanted to meet him. That was during his leadership bid. Oberg was another person running for the leadership at the time, and I had hopes he would do well.

Three years later Taft is stepping down. This weekend the Alberta LIberals meet in Calgary to listen to three leadership hopefuls, David Swann, Dave Taylor and Moe Elsalhy. The Alberta Liberals will vote for their choice in December.

I liked the previous Liberal leader, Ken Nichol, too.

Nichol was the Lethbridge East MLA. Clint Dunford, a Conservative, was the MLA for Lethbrige West. I once set up a photograph of the two arm wrestling in a Lethbridge restaurant. The photo is around here somewhere. Two very nice fellows.

Nichol and Kevin Taft have something in common. They are both quiet, decent men. So is Ed Stelmach, for that matter.

Perhaps this time the Liberals should break that mold and chose someone very unquiet. They should chose a camera hog, a loudmouth. They need to shake things up.  Choosing good, decent men has not done it for them.


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