Posted on: October 4, 2008

O.J. Simpson has been found guilty of stealing his own autographs back- or something like that- at gunpoint and could be going to jail for a very long time.

There’s a lesson here

I believe if he worked hard at it, O.J. Simpson could have become the largest holder of O.J. Simpson autographs in the entire world. In a few years, he could have had boxes and boxes of of O.J. autographs. He could have cornered the market, with more O.J. Simpson autographs than ANYONE.

But, O.J. Simpson decided to do it the easy way, and steal O.J. Simpson autographs at gunpoint. He  certainly deems them valuable. They must not be making any more of them. There is a lesson here, I’m sure.

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  • wordbeeps: No, he doesn't deserve an apology. Who tweets during a funeral? If you do, expect feedback. I didn't say the mourners were faking it. I think they we
  • Holly Stick: Look you fuckwit, are you too stupid to realise that Ghomeshi was an actual friend of Layton's, when you tweeted to him that the mourners were faking
  • aardvarkcola: Thank you. I see the rest of your message now. i'm honoured to to have your words on my blog. That alone is a delight. Lawrence


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