Technorati (what does that mean, anyway?)

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Aardvark Cola has joined Technorati, the blog ranking service.

Aardvark Cola is ranked 2,655,296 by Technorati. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I did see one blog that ranked at 4 million, and it looked rather good, so now I’m unsure if I should be aiming for one or 5 million.

This blog also has an Technorati authority of one point. I remember reading some credible blogs have a Technorati authority of 50 points, so with an authority point of one, I’m not sure you can believe anything I am writing right now.

Technorati also counts the fans of this blog, to which there is also only one. That’s me. I clicked on it to see if it would change. It did. My curiosity is now sated, but now Aardvark Cola is a fan of Aardvark Cola. That could mean Aardvark Cola has a Technorati vanity rating of one (or 5 million).

If you would like to be an Aardvark Cola fan, follow this link and I believe you click on the reddish-pink box. Should you become an Aardvark Cola fan, you will cause great delight and celebration, but there is absolutely no money in it. I promise.

Thank you for reading Aardvark Cola, the blog trying to lean what “ping” means.


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