Aardvark Cola invites writers

Posted on: October 8, 2008

This blog is doomed. So is yours, by the way.

The single motivating factor for this blog’s existence is my interest in it. There is no compensation for a WordPress.com blog, therefore when my interest wanes, the blog will disappear. Of the nearly 200 million blogs in the world, including 72 million blogs in China- I’m remembering a recent Scientific American article and rounding up for the total- the ones that stand the better chance of surviving would have some impetus other than self-motivation. They will network and they will make money.

The self-interest of those who seek information from blogs is harder to understand. There are enough information sources from main-stream news sources without resorting to blogs. Aardvark Cola readers are usually those who stumble upon this blog though an obscure search. If I have happened to have written about that subject, that reader pops in and then moves on. The subjects I write about bring in a spike in readers only occasionally. Most notably those spikes have included anything to do with Sarah Palin, which means a blog dealing only with Sarah Palin would do wonderfully (until, perhaps November 5).

The survival factor of any blog would appear to be increased if it were networked with multiple topics and was a revenue stream for the writer and the network managers.

That’s been done. A one-stop blog network, such as B5 Media, presenting a wide variety of choice to a reader looking to pass the time can hold the attention of a blog browser for some time. That brings in what solitary blogs have a harder time seeking- a regular audience, a revenue stream from advertisers looking for a regular audience, and the impetus of a network to keep the blogs alive. Looking at the B5 Media blogs, one can see some individual blogs still die within that network structure, but the network lives on.

Aardvark Cola, then, should add writers.

A blog such as this, writing on politics and business with a smattering of entertainment, can’t stay on WordPress.com if survivability is an issue, and it is for any blog. The advantages of WordPress.com is the opportunity to see where the readers come from and what they are interested in. The WordPress.com tools for that end are attractive and useful. But the disadvantage is the impetus for writing cannot be multiplied, and revenue streams cannot be generated.

So if you are interested in adding your writing talent to Aardvark Cola, drop me a line.


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