Majority slipping out of reach

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Six days to go before voting day.

As the stock market plunges- the TSX had its first positive day today after five days of negative numbers- so do the fortunes of Prime Minister Steven Harper. The Conservatives are seeing their once-strong lead in the polls slip.

The news I caught in the last three days- I was far from a television- included a CBC radio interview featuring a woman decrying the Conservative’s lack of an emergency plan. Harper, in another interview, attempted to explain his record is his plan.

It seems he’s right. Hold the course, stay calm.

While the USA attempts to bail itself out while sailing the stormiest seas in 80 years, and Europe is nationalizing banks, while Iceland is so fearful of bankruptcy they have asked Russia for a $7.5 billion loan to keep the country afloat (no Western country took them up on the request), Canada appears to be weathering the storm just fine, thanks– other than our stock markets dropping like a bucket of mud along with every other major stock market in the world. No bank bailouts needed here.

Years ago I once went into a bank for a $5,000 loan. I got it, but had to put $5,000 into an account first. Yes, Canadian banks are that stingy. They are as tight-fisted as Scrooge. Unlike the USA, there have never been mortgages in Canada for no money down, no assets, no questions asked. It’s not the way Canadian banks do business. Now we’re seeing the benefits of conservative stinginess.

Harper also upset a lot of people by saying it’s a good time to buy stocks. It’s a wrong thing to say, however, when anyone who has anything invested in the stock market is seeing dimes shrink to a pennies and investments people are relying on disappear. It makes him sound cold and he always had a reputation of being cold.

“I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most emotionally expressive guy..” Harper said in answer to a question by CTV’s Craig Oliver (who looks like a taxidermist has stuffed him) about whether he cared at all. Good God. If Oliver smiled his face would crack. He looks like an unblinking human bald eagle and he’s challenging someone about their expressiveness?

The majority may be slipping our of reach of Harper who really tried to come across as a warm guy with those soft sweaters and soft words in those soft-music interviews when the campaign started. But the Conservatives also had attack ads- something the USA commonly uses but we’re new to it- for the Liberal leader Stephane Dion. Well, guess what. When Dion emerged from the debates everyone realized he didn’t have two horns and a tail, the man was smart and he cared. Naturally his poll numbes would climb.

I guess Harper might dust off that sweater again. Only six days to go before the vote.


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