Three things that confuse me

Posted on: October 13, 2008

One. The fellow that suddenly repeatedly stabbed- reportedly up to 50 times- and then cut the head off a fellow Greyhound bus passenger in Manitoba was charged with second degree murder. I’m no lawyer, but what, pray tell, do you have to do in Canada to be charged with first degree murder?

Two. A middle-of-the-road aging lady who happens to be a Liberal Member of Parliament in Toronto has some fans. They put St. Paul MP Carolyn Bennett campaign lawn signs on their lawn. One recent morning a whole street of these citizens- 25 of them- supporting their choice of candidate, a Canadian right, found their houses spraypainted, their vehicles vandalized, and in a truly frightening discovery- a number had their brake lines cut on their vehicles. Some only discovered that their brake lines were cut when driving their children to school or driving off to work. What maniac hits an up-scale neighborhood of ordinary people, threatening their lives for supporting their main-stream candidate?

Is she a radical? Is she new? Has she done crazy things before running for parliament?

Actually it is Dr. Carolyn Bennett, and she is not some obscure PhD, she is a real family doctor. She is a three-term MP, running for her fourth term. Her husband is a film producer. Looking for something radical there, you’ll find his film credits include Love at First Sight (I saw this years ago- I think it’s Dan Akroyd’s first-ever picture- he plays a blind man in a chick-flic love story), and My American Cousin (I saw this too- filmed in Penticton where I used to live- about a young teen girl in the 1950s or 60s who thinks the achingly beautiful area of the Okanagan she lives in is boring and backward, especially compared to her James Dean-like American cousin up for a visit.) The guys name is Peter O’Brian, a name I’d never heard of before this. Oh, he was also involved in making White Oaks of Jalna, the Canadian film answer to Sleep-Eeze. (Snore. I saw one episode-it’s a miniseries.) Oh, here’s what might be a lone radical movie- from 1977- Outrageous with female impersonator Craig Russel. Apparently his films have won 19 Genies. Nothing really there to inspire firebrands and hell-hath-no-fury radical fears.

Threatening lives for wanting to vote for Dr. Carolyn Bennett, MP? I do not, I absolutely do not, understand this. At all.

Three. Why didn’t anyone important listen to those who saw this economic train wreck coming ? Why didn’t more bankers see it? There are smart people in banking (you’d assume). Why were investment banks in the position of borrowing up to 36 times their shareholder investment to buy and hold what amounted to paper junk? Why was that allowed? What would possess a country to have its banking system lend mortgage money to hundreds of thousands of people with no credit to back up their investment in a house during a real estate bubble? Don’t these bankers have meetings once in a while?

Huffington Post has a brief on who to blame, and who warned of a looming crisis. First, the names to blame, which include Henry Paulson, the man trying to sort out the mess now. The HuffPo link on who saw it coming isn’t working right now, so here is a top 10 list from Times Online.


1 Response to "Three things that confuse me"

I have never seen Real Estate this bad ever. When will it come to an end? Do you think the bailout plan will work?

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