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A National Post writer has presented a historical fact I had not been aware of previously. In 1873, Sir John A. MacDonald, also facing a vote of non-confidence, asked the then Governor-General, Lord Dufferin, to prorogue parliament. He did so.

Here is that interesting story from a writer with the unlikely name of Barbara J. Messamore. (Doesn’t the middle initial mess the name up more?) You just know by her presenting her name with the middle initial she is a lawyer or professor.

The opinion of Barbara J. Messamore appears to be Governor-General Michaëlle Jean did the right thing by proroguing parliament. She is dead wrong, of course.


Twitter has got to be the stupidist, most innane, waste of time possible, so how is it popular? Maybe because it confirms what we all suspect. We are boring and our minds are mush.
Here’s a comment on Twitter from a site called Court’s Internet Marketing School that includes a post called, “Starting a blog that isn’t a time sucking money pit.” ( I have to confess, I haven’t read that).
Here’s the post on Twitter, simply called, “Twitter is Stupid”. (I have read that.)


The list of the 10 worst Christmas songs has been compiled and published by this website from Perth, Australia, the most remote civilized place on earth. Even there they cannot escape Sir Paul McCartney singing, “Simp-ly hav-ing a wonderful Christmas time…simp-ly hav-ing a wonderful Christmas time…simp-ly hav-ing a wonderful Christmas time…simp-ly hav-ing a wonderful Christmas time…simp-ly hav-ing…Here’s the list.

Feel free to add your most notable seasonal ear-itant.

Here’s another barometer to tell us times are hard financially. Brothels in Europe are closing and laying off staff. (This is new: a business lays off staff who get laid.) However, it’s no funny business to the brothels as it seems to be a world-wide phenomenon- even the famous Mustang Ranch of Nevada has laid off 30 of its employees. (Put that on your resume and apply for- well- any position you want.)

Here’s the news story from the New York Times.

Hijacked by my wife into three tortuous hours of following along behind her in a shopping mall- I actually fell asleep on a mall bench at one point – I had to notice how few people there were. The sales clerks outnumbered the customers by a good 5-1 margin. The halls were empty. The stores were empty. This is in the thriving oil capital of Alberta and no one is shopping on a weekend in December with Christmas 19 days away. That is bizarre.
Not a good sign.

A virus affecting Facebook users?

Here’s the news link: facebook virus explained.

His production statistics are anemic, but he has lead the National Hockey League in penalty minutes during his career, and Sean Avery is not above diving onto the ice to draw a penalty. He paid a $1,000 fine for being caught doing so during a November, 2005 game.
His mouth has got him in trouble before this latest laughable comment that has drawn so much strangely placed ire, as he wondered before press microphones why other NHL players were falling in love with “my sloppy seconds”.
The comment was before a Calgary game and obviously was meant to provoke Calgary Flames player Dion Phaneuf, going out with Avery’s ex, Elisha Cuthbert, a Canadian actress and Los Angeles Kings season ticket holder.
Avery’s comment was preceded by his declaration, “I love Canada,” but that was lost in the wave of prudish shock that engulfed him.
Actually, given the rules of English, if the girls (another ex, a model named Hunter is going out with yet another NHLer) were his sloppy seconds, then someone was there before him, and the girls are onto at least their third lover by dating other NHLers. These days three lovers for a pretty girl, even in the days of safe sex, is a rather anemic score, we’d hope. Three lovers for some, we’d imagine, could include a fun weekend or for those of lesser libidos, a memorable summer.
No matter.
The NHL has suspended Avery for six games for the remark, acting swiftly and condemning the comments. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who has increased NHL revenue while ruining the game ( I no longer watch, preferring WHL) has said his comments disparage the league.
My goodness. Athletes throw people off their game. It’s what they do. Avery’s tactic wouldn’t make Cuthbert blush, I would venture to guess, why so would it make Bettman’s more puritan cheeks redden in her defence?
Compare the six-game Avery suspension to the 20 game suspension of Vancouver Canuk Todd Bertuzzi for his 2004 punch from behind followed by his pushing to the ice Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore, who suffered a concussion, three cracked vertebrae, ligament  and other related injuries that ended his career.
Elisha Cuthberts’ reputation was sullied that much by Avery’s comments?


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