MacDonnell not highly Raitted, but is she fetching?

Posted on: June 10, 2009

Christy Blatchford’s writing style makes it sound like she just woke up, craves coffee and cigarettes, and has neither.
Plucked from Bourque, this jewel puts Blatchford-style perspective on the Jasmine MacDonnell-Lisa Raitt digital recorder thing. She comes out swinging and sticks up for Raitt with a great point.
No matter how you put it, MacDonnell, who has the look of someone who has it together, has proven she shouldn’t carry anything of importance that isn’t stapled or tied to her. She has a lot she might leave off her resume, like the tendency to, once she’s misplaced items of extreme importance, not to at least get off her ass and fetch them back, particularly after her errors were pointed out. That simple step could have saved herself, not to mention her minister boss, a few headaches.
Read on here. A great read, as Blatchford usually is.


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