More MacDonnell

Posted on: June 10, 2009

I have no idea why I keep flogging this horse named Jasmine MacDonnell, but the issue is strangely irrestistable. This is how the people in power in our government operate, this is how they talk, this is how they think, this is the unspun song we get before it becomes spin.
They are screw-ups. We always thought so. The kid who can’t mow your lawn properly and the guy who keeps locking his keys in his car have made us shake our heads.
Clutzes, we conclude. Hopeless, we think sadly.
But they are better than MacDonnell, and far less dangerous.
The reporter, Stephen Maher of the Halifax Chronicle Herald, who found MacDonnell’s digital recorder and asked for her to pick it up, comes out smelling like an ethics spic-n-span commercial. After waiting patiently for five months- five freaking months- for MacDonnell to pick up her digital recorder, he only listened to it after she resigned from her job as a minister’s aide for forgetting papers elsewhere.
Here, from the Waterloo Record.


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  • wordbeeps: No, he doesn't deserve an apology. Who tweets during a funeral? If you do, expect feedback. I didn't say the mourners were faking it. I think they we
  • Holly Stick: Look you fuckwit, are you too stupid to realise that Ghomeshi was an actual friend of Layton's, when you tweeted to him that the mourners were faking
  • aardvarkcola: Thank you. I see the rest of your message now. i'm honoured to to have your words on my blog. That alone is a delight. Lawrence


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