Jasmine MacDonnell made $120,000 a year

Posted on: June 11, 2009

A press aide in Ottawa makes $120,000 annually?
With that, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s comment on MacDonnell’s consistent screw-ups,”I don’t blame 26-year-olds” seems less politicially wise (blame the minister, not the help) and almost silly.
One hundred and twenty thousand dollars? A year? Ten thousand a month? For a fucking press aide? Twenty-five hundred a fucking week?
For a press aide?
This story, from Stephen Maher, himself, who broke the damn thing, and note I’ve focussed on an itty-bitty portion of it.
One hundred. And twenty. Thousand? Dollars. A year. For a fucking press aide. A fuck-up press aide. Holy HJ Moses. Am I being naive here?
Click here for his June 8 Chronicle Herald story.


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