Bankers push Michael (Don’t Call Me Mike) around, and Two wrongs don’t make it Raitt

Posted on: June 11, 2009

A overlooked tidbit. Gossip but good gossip. From Stephen Maher again, Halifax Chronicle Herald, who reports from the infamous Raitt tape that apparently three of Canada’s top bankers told Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to lay off defeating the government of Stephen Harper. Click here.
It could be bullshit, but there it is, reported from what’s on the tape, and apparently a minister of the Crown, Lisa Raitt, believes it, as she told her former press aide so.
Knock it if you must, but Rob Harvie over in Lethbridge (Searching for Liberty blog) has the most most plausible explanation of Janine MacDonnell’s incompetence- the Liberal mole in the Conservative heap theory. It sounds so absurd, really, but it’s either that or she’s a Pink Pantherish Inspector Clouseau, leaving sensitive cabinet material out for journalists to browse over.
Not once but twice. Not just the tape recorder forgotten in a washroom and then not picked up but she left behind important papers in a television station.


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