Swine flu, the second wave

Posted on: June 12, 2009

The 1918 swine flu started in the United States and spread quickly, helped in part by thousands of troops being shipped back and forth across the Atlantic.
That was an H1N1, just like this one, and just like the last one, it spread world-wide, was mild, albiet with some resulting fatalities, but so it goes with many flus.
The second wave, however, was deadly, a world-wide killer of 50 million people, beginning in Europe in November, and spreading just as the war ended and troops were coming home from Europe. Many graves in Canada from that time are of 1918 Swine Flu victims. Masks over faces did not begin with SARS. There are photographs in Alberta of farmers with masks over their mouths in 1918-1919.
Here’s a story on the disturbing pattern of this swine flu, by the Vancouver Sun, and the worry this one, too, will have a deadly second wave.


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