Obama blues

Posted on: June 15, 2009

American television broadcaster and political commentator Bill Maher, an unabashed Obama supporter, takes a swing at the new president, saying (gasp) he wishes he was more like Bush. Here’s the link to Huffpo to view that.
I’d recently written on the president as movie star syndrome wondering if Obama had found the Oval Office yet.
If I was brave enough I’d headline a caustic article, `Is Obama a nigger?’ on the apparent jetsetting- well at least one night, the Broadway thing- while America tanks, but I’m not that brave. It was damned stupid of him to say the least, and perhaps revealing a blind spot in what he sees being president is all about, especially during these times.
His wife’s public image, in spite of her taking the same quickie Broadway flight, fares better for appropriateness-notice her garden in the back of the White House.
However, if Bill Maher wants more Bush in Obama- wow, incredible he actually said that-then many people by now are noticing Obama, who is definitely style with a smile, seems to be less hands-on and roll-up-your-sleeves presidential than was hoped.
To sum up Maher: More audacity, less hope, please. Kick some ass.


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  • wordbeeps: No, he doesn't deserve an apology. Who tweets during a funeral? If you do, expect feedback. I didn't say the mourners were faking it. I think they we
  • Holly Stick: Look you fuckwit, are you too stupid to realise that Ghomeshi was an actual friend of Layton's, when you tweeted to him that the mourners were faking
  • aardvarkcola: Thank you. I see the rest of your message now. i'm honoured to to have your words on my blog. That alone is a delight. Lawrence


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