If you’re reading this in China, you’re bad

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Damn great story by Grant Robertson at Globe and Mail on a Chinese Spy Ring. Link at bottom.

In haste I write the following before adding the link. There has actually been a lot written on Chinese spying as in industrial espionage of very sophisticated sorts. I should track my past reading down and make a blog entry. A couple come to mind. One, a well-known company in China with its sign on a large building, logos on the vehicles, doing business, logo on the stationary, licensing other businesses to use and sell its stuff, and guess what? The whole thing was a fraud. I have to track that down. Another, a  German businessman, suspicious of activity in his shop, he made some very special industrial component, announced he flying home, but instead parked himself outside his shop to watch and saw teams of unknowns go in and do work he was certain was reverse engineering.

Bad to just throw up memories like that without verifying but I’ll do that later. In haste, I include this link, the reason for my thoughts on the matter. Globe and Mail’s Grant Robertson on Chinese spy ring busted.


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