BP and the blowout

Posted on: June 3, 2010

No one puts a gun to your head to buy oil.

Just a quick thought since I’m thinking about it.

Boycott BP, yell, scream, write your congressman, write angry letters, or like the airhead blonde on The View say Kevin Costner can plug the hole, why can’t BP.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you drove to work today, if you flew anywhere in the past year, if you use plastic, or have anything painted in your house, including your house, you’re part of the problem. The reason BP is drilling a mile into deep water and 7,000 feet below that to strike oil is if there were any easier oil to drill for to feed our insatiable appetites for crude, they’d do it.

All that crude on the beaches may tick you off and horrify you but that stuff gets into our air, soil and water one way or the other no matter how much we hide it. We are a society that hides the dead. We don’t like ugly truths. This truth is ugly and will get uglier. Look at it. Take a good look. Then look at your life and all the crude you use. How do banana’s get to your kitchen in mid-winter? That plume behind you when you fly off on your holiday looks better than sticky shore crud, but it’s in the environment, baby, just not on your lawn. This was a risk we all took, every one of us.

Never mind for whom the BP bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

Who did this? We all did.


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