“Twit” lost and found

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Now I can truly be called a “Twit” on Twitter.

For that story, my reply to Diana Gallardo, kind enough to inquire in comments about the sudden loss of aardvarkcola from the Twitter landscape, is provided below, as an only slightly edited duplicate of my reply to her.

“Ah, Diana, so kind of you to notice. My fault, actually. I tried to log out of Twitter and to my horror found I could not. Work computer. That would never do, Twitter on the job, my tweets and twitterings readily available and readable to all and sundry. What to do? I had to delete all. It simply would not log off.
To save the name aardvarkcola from being erased forever from Twitter, I had to find a new name. Error270 came to mind. Then new password, new email and I moved to cancel that, which I never would have need of, thus saving my place on Twitter. Good plan, but it didn’t take. I should have waited longer for the Twitter server and computer to acknowledge all. I couldn’t log back in. Twitter simply reported back instantly deleting accounts was not something one could undo.
I am back, allowed in with new and altered email, “aardvarkcolamail”.
I see my tempermental work computer, available for use by students and instructors of chess in the evening, now logs out, having had its laugh.
Good to hear from you. Looking forward to add you again on Twitter.
And that, Diana, is the behind-the-scenes story of “Error270″.”


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