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Too bad I lost those dozen or so followers on Twitter. Hard not to notice the spike in readership.

This modest blog had its best readership during the American presidential election when people were desperate for information, any information, on Sara Palin. Best day about 300 hits. Not anyone’s readership numbers to envy, certainly, but there it is.

Then this blog languished (and so did I), dropping to five readers per day, two, one, reading what became very, very occasional blog posts.

Then I discovered Twitter. From those modest numbers a spike of 42 readers. Then I lose my place (see last post). But I am impressed. Twitter really is not at all what I thought it was.


Now I can truly be called a “Twit” on Twitter.

For that story, my reply to Diana Gallardo, kind enough to inquire in comments about the sudden loss of aardvarkcola from the Twitter landscape, is provided below, as an only slightly edited duplicate of my reply to her.

“Ah, Diana, so kind of you to notice. My fault, actually. I tried to log out of Twitter and to my horror found I could not. Work computer. That would never do, Twitter on the job, my tweets and twitterings readily available and readable to all and sundry. What to do? I had to delete all. It simply would not log off.
To save the name aardvarkcola from being erased forever from Twitter, I had to find a new name. Error270 came to mind. Then new password, new email and I moved to cancel that, which I never would have need of, thus saving my place on Twitter. Good plan, but it didn’t take. I should have waited longer for the Twitter server and computer to acknowledge all. I couldn’t log back in. Twitter simply reported back instantly deleting accounts was not something one could undo.
I am back, allowed in with new and altered email, “aardvarkcolamail”.
I see my tempermental work computer, available for use by students and instructors of chess in the evening, now logs out, having had its laugh.
Good to hear from you. Looking forward to add you again on Twitter.
And that, Diana, is the behind-the-scenes story of “Error270″.”

Well, I’ve actually done it. I’ve joined Facebook. Talking to a lady in the wilds of Wabasca, Alberta, she said not only she was on it, the whole community was on it and that is how she got her news and updates. Hockey events were on it, community events were on it, everyone was on it.

I tried a company Facebook page, recently created, and sent three whatever-you-call-them (messages?) to people I recognized. The company Facebook page, so recently created and the thing has 86 “friends” on it already. I tried the “poke” feature. I still have no idea what that is all about.

So here we go. Aardvarkcola, the WordPress.com blog site, is now Facebooked.

I put in links to blogs, tweets, video and news about democracy awakening in Iran- not a single hit days later on searches as far as I can see.
Not one hit from searches.
Not a single one.
But I’m still getting people looking for Jasmine MacDonald pics here, and an old post of mine about Angelina Jolie breastfeeding is still getting hits from searches. I still get search hits on Sara Palin on stuff I wrote back when McCain first picked her to run.
No wonder Perez Hilton gets hits in the bazillions while 100-year old newspapers are dying.
If you’re under 18, or looking for the latest fart joke while you move your beer aside on your budget coffee table so you can type, move on. Go search for the latest celebrity, look who kisses who, look at what so-and-so is wearing, move on to look up the unfashion files, look up Letterman’s top ten trivialities, or home-made videos displaying bathroom humour.

woman in iran

Skynews keeps track of Iranian tweets on what’s happening in that country.

Here is a link to The Truth Laid Bear and its list of Iranian bloggers. Some of the blogs have been taken down, but there are links within some blogs to take you to other helpful sites to find out what is going on.

From Ireport, photos taken by Iranians of the protests .

From Cryptome, photos of the continuing Iranian protests.

The last post I see from ‘Revolutionary Road‘ is June 13.

Pictures of Iranian protests from Life.

More photos of the Iranian protests- from Matadorpulse.

Andrew Sullivan’s blog has a page on the best tweets from Iran.

A link to ‘Free Republic’ has links within it in comments.

On Huffington Post, it’s national editor, Nico Pitney, has updates and video.

Another, from Huffington Post again, this piece, posted June 15, Inside Iran: A student mourns for her country.

John Barry’s blog has links.

The awful video of an Iranian student killed. That link here to YouTube.

Follow up story to the above from Daily News.

And American network Fox News has links as well.

CNN reports 19 Iranians have been killed in political protests and that, “Unconfirmed reports put the death toll as high as 150.” That link has links within it to Facebook and others.

This from Yahoo news on the mass peaceful protests.

From Telegraph.co.uk, a “daily diary,” of a Tehran woman.

How can Iran block the internet? How is the country doing that?
Read this from
The Wall Street Journal.

If you have others, please include the links in comments. Thanks.


Now everywhere is a meet market.
Mathew Honan from Wired.

I’m posting from afar. Lots to blog about and looking forward to it. Back to regular posting when I get back. Work, work, work.



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