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Hijacked by my wife into three tortuous hours of following along behind her in a shopping mall- I actually fell asleep on a mall bench at one point – I had to notice how few people there were. The sales clerks outnumbered the customers by a good 5-1 margin. The halls were empty. The stores were empty. This is in the thriving oil capital of Alberta and no one is shopping on a weekend in December with Christmas 19 days away. That is bizarre.
Not a good sign.


Haven’t posted for a while due to dilemma interuptions.

After evicting a tenant who hadn’t paid rent for three months, I discovered upon return to the house, by unexpectedly splashing through water going downstairs, that a metre of water in the drywalled basement meant I had an unexpected indoor swimming pool.

I hadn’t re-rented the place right away as the deadbeat tenants left the house a disasterous mess. I expected to do some serious cleaning up, but nothing on this level. It’s freakin’ serious. It is absolutely unbelievable.

This follows on the heels of another bad renter- another house- that I am still doing repairs on a year and a half later. Just when I was beginning to see the end of this, I am pushed back tens of thousands of dollars and lucky to save the house.

I’ll tell you. If you are a landlord, act like Mike Holmes looking for a contractor. References, references, references. Include a clause they can be evicted with 72 hours notice for any reason. Unreasonable? Ha! No pets of any sort. Not even goldfish. When you rent a place you own out, you’ll learn fast tenants can put you in the poorhouse. Tenant rights? I’m learning landlord rights should be seriously beefed up.

And I was so nice! Ten days free to get moved in. Late with rent? You know it can’t happen again. You know, it can’t happen again. (Are you listening?) Excuse me, your cheque has bounced. (There’s more but you wouldn’t believe it.) Best advice from my vantage point? Be cruel, severe, and no nonsense. One strike, you’re gone. No exceptions. Before all this, it would be seemed unreasonable to me. No longer.

I’m at the end of my freakin’ teather with people who want to rent and treat my houses, including the home I have lived in like it was a doghouse or worse.

What could be causing intentional damage would get you in trouble in some countries. I’m still determining if this was intentional. The evidence is pointing to likely. The thought briefly crossed my mind (ugly thought) that maybe the Taliban have a better justice system than Canada, in spite of all the fighting we are doing in Afghanistan so they adopt fair justice methods or something close to it. (Erase that thought.)

I wish I had Mike Holmes phone number. I just absolutely am flabbergasted by the damage, and this was a family of four. It is just unbelievable. It’s like a nightmare you never wake from.

Blogging on politics, ours and American, will be a pleasure once all this is straightened out.

If ever.

Meanwhile, feel free to read back posts. Thanks, and may you never rent to deadbeats. I am getting out of the business of renting to people for good.

If you have property you rent out, your risk is huge, the returns mediocre.

Know something that further amazes me? I’m amazed I didn’t swear even once in this entire post. And now, back to work.

Squeezeplay is back.
About bloody time, too. I’ve missed it, although the two Business News Network hosts were on over the summer doing their schtick under another banner.
But Squeezeplay, the money news show, is where the two hosts, Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary, belong to talk about money.
Quip-a-minute O’Leary is a successful enterpreneur, O’Leary Global, investing world-wide. He is unshy about describing his picks such as Fosters Beer in Australia (“They drink a lot of it and when they’re miserable, they drink more of it.”) and shipping companies. (“It’s a pay daddy dividend”.)
O’Leary’s energetic persona should be grating. His views on corporate taxation (“Dark, sinister and evil.”) and how to negotiate (“Squeeze their heads til their eyeballs pop.”) are almost one-dimensional. Within a minute you get the sense that he got his start selling souls to the devil on commmission. O’Leary is an unapologetic, no-nonsense, lover of money. If Darth Vader was a capitalist he would be joining in on O’Leary’s CEO annual gatherings in Ontario’s lake country. Or maybe O’Leary is Lord Vader, trading shares in Light Sabre Inc.
The principal, and human, host is Amanda Lang, brilliant and eye-catching, welcome audio honey to O’Leary’s verbal stings. Lang is capitalism with a heart, a behind the scenes digger with journalistic savvy. She cannot compete with O’Leary in the quip department nor does she try. She defuses him with a sharp and able mind as knowledgeable as his on the mazes of  money management. She also has a genuine heart that reveals, at times, that O’Leary (surprise!) actually has one. (He happens to like Buzz Hargrove, even.)
They click, these two, as they dive into the week’s business news. She is softer on her interview questions than O’Leary, who punched out this question, as the two interviewed a government whistle-blower who was fired from his job: “Why shouldn’t you be whacked?”
There even has been one or two titillating moments over the life of the program. O’Leary, pitching a money trade to Lang: “I begged you Amanda, I got down on my knees.”
Lang: “If you got down on your knees and begged, I would do anything.”
A business news show worth stopping everything to watch.

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