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Scribe Allan Fotheringham (in Canada all who write are writers; Foth is our only scribe) described his fellow Canadians as people who will, as pedestrians, stop on a sidewalk intersection in the middle of the night, no traffic coming, no one looking, and wait politely until the “walk” light comes on before crossing the street. It does actually describe something about our national psyche. We Canadians put up with a lot of bullshit (a Canadian word used, at times, even in polite company).

Americans, on the other hand, are a different kind of animal. While we founded our country talking bullshit (William Lyon Mackenzie, Louis Riel, and other like-minded forefathers’ attempts excepted) Americans founded their country by kicking royal hiney.

American comedian Richard Pryor included a bit in a routine describing an imagined Japanese tour group visiting California before Pearl Harbour to assess American butt-kicking gumption. The visitors from the Empire of Japan, Pryor said, found Californians to be laid back, easy going, with nothing ever bothering them.

“They didn’t go as far as Alabama,” Pryor quipped, adding if they had gone into the U.S. that far, they would have found people-beasts (my description, not his) chained up in basements to be let out only for fights. He clowned on stage as if struggling with something wild at the end of a chain.

Pryor touched on something real about the American psyche. Americans can get seriously pissed off about stuff very quickly in a way we don’t seem to. Everyone will kick back if pushed, but history shows if you sucker punch Americans, expect more than a hard kick in the teeth. Expect the world to change. Read your history or see a Hollywood Western.

Now my point.

When will Americans figure out this whole sub-prime mortgage affair meant what seemed like the giant pillars of their financial system- including some that survived the Crash of 1929- were felled by managers that didn’t manage, accounting practices that hid huge problems, and a regulatory system that was absolutely ineffective?

During the biggest financial crisis in the United States in 79 years, will Americans be pissed off over banks that booked credits as assets to perform the all-time mother of magic tricks- crumpling the greatest financial sector the world has ever known so it fits into a toilet bowl. With the U.S. economy dizzy as it circles the bowl in the middle of this flush, will Americans get pissed off?

Will Americans kick in the hiney whichever presidential candidate does not appear to have a grasp of these financial issues while giving the other one a desk and told to damn well get to work and straighten out the mess?

I close with this link to the web site of a junior senator from Illinois, who wrote Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson back in March 27, 2007, 18 long months ago, out of concern over the looming crisis in sub-prime mortgage lending, including his suggestion for a summit to discuss matters including, “how to ensure adequate liquidity across all mortgage markets..”

Meanwhile, a certain senator from Arizona ‘s presidential campaign co-chair (well, until last July) – who has been described as an economic advisor to him, and had a history of fighting regulation of the financial sector as a senator from Texas- said in a huff as recent as July- just two months ago-(see post) that Americans citizens were a bunch of whiners.

I’m not an American citizen, but if I was, given those two choices right now, I’d be severely pissed right off.

No bullshit.

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This brand new blog started August 28 with a few stories. The blog gained a few hits, two, then ten, then four.

Then I wrote about Sarah Palin after she was appointed John McCain’s running mate for the Republican ticket. Woo. Aardvarkcola suddenly soared with readership, 190 hits on September 4, then six shy of 300 hits the following day, then 266 and down to 186 on September 7, and 190 hits again September 8.

Those few Palin stories are still carrying the blog. I haven’t written anything about her in days. My posts on Canadian soldiers in battle, our own general election, and the like, get a few hits, but those few Palin stories with their links drove my hit counter crazy, and still are.

I’m interpreting this as meaning the American public has been given Governor Palin out of the blue as a possible vice-president and they are hungry for information, any information, on her, even from a new blogger in Western Canada. That’s hungry.

For those of you searching for Palin news and information that you’d never get from mainstream sources, see the Alaskan blog “Mudflats”. The link to it is in my blogroll at right. Drive his hit counter crazy. He actually lives there, is following the story, and any new information is likely to be there. You’re welcome.

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I’m sure I was first on WordPress.com and the first on Digg to have an article on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s September 3 acceptance speech before the Republican National Convention.

While John McCain and Palin were hugging on stage I pounded out the piece, stuck it in this very new Aardvarkcola WordPress blog, added a Digg link and waited to see the traffic results. But before I went to bed I added a piece I titled Sarah Barracuda, a link to a revealing email by Wasilla, Alaska resident Anne Kilkenny, very critical of Sarah Palin as mayor and governor.

The traffic on this new blog is admittedly piddly, but I woke this morning, and checked the stats. My report on Palin’s speech I had high hopes for had 13 hits. I was disappointed to say the least. I thought if you’re first you have to have 1,000 hits at least, right? Wrong. The Sarah Barracuda piece had 37 hits. People love dirt.

This blog was started August 28, seven days ago. My goal is to see how long Aardvarkcola will take to get 1,000 hits in one day from a standing start. At 10:00 a.m., on the blog’s seventh day, the count for the morning is 56.

Looking at the bright side, I’m over five per cent there! My Aardvarkcola ambitions for the day have shrunk considerably. Now I’m hoping for 10 per cent of my goal by day’s end.

Meanwhile, its coffee time.


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