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Just when I make a point saying voting for ordinary folks seems to be what people want, I find an article (American article) that says voting for ordinary people as your only criteria is just plain dumb.

Written  by a screenwriter named Micheal Seitzman, it is really a perfect blog post in that it is a hard-hitting personal attack, is holier than thou, takes liberties with proper English, uses one-word CAPITAL letters, and includes a pinch of teaser sex. Good enough to make HuffPo, here’s the link to Sarah Palin Naked, a commentary on her  interview with American Broadcasting Corporation’s Charles Gibson. The Palin performance appears to have scared the living beJeezuz out of Seitzman.


Sarah Palin has impressed greatly with a I’m-one-of-you style that didn’t, apparently, impress Huffington Post celeb-columnist Jamie Lee Curtis.

In not a bad column at all, the actress explains why, to her, being able to relate well to the average person isn’t as important as, well, not relating. Here’s the link. A good read.


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