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A cartoon featured a dutiful secretary advising her boss, “Rahim Jaffer on line one.” She continued: “And on line two.” I believe it was a National Post Cartoon, back when Rahim Jaffer was an Member of Parliament representing an Alberta riding.  He’s out now. His wife will be soon. No idea why the Prime Minister is holding back.

The use of office staff to impersonate the boss, is not what Jaffer’s wife, Helena Guergis, the Minister of for the Status of Women, was doing. Let’s be very clear. When confronted, she pleaded innocence, said the staff were doing their own thing, and said it was all inappropriate. So there.

Uh-huh. Would you fall over yourself writing letters praising your boss in a newspaper if you were yelled at to fetch her shoes? She had a tantrum and wanted to sue Air Canada because people found out she had a tantrum? She lords it over staff like that and we are expected to believe the praise of Miss Is-My-Crown-On-Straight is voluntary among staff and, what this- her mother wrote one of the letters? Uh-huh.

I’d list who wrote what, but the Star has done that. Here’s the article.


Some news items become household conversation, then at work,  fodder for water cooler grazing. These issues are bigger than themselves. They are elephants released from envelopes and cannot be stuffed back in.

Helena (not just Helen) Geurgis, the former beauty pageant contestant and mall soap peddler sued her pageant way back when. Now she’s a federal cabinet minister. Reportedly she aimed legal sights at Air Canada somehow thinking she was victim after she yelled at airport workers and called the PEI community she was trying to fly out of a “shithole”. She was “working her ass off” for us, she said, apparently. Must have been hard work indeed as she yelled at a staffer to fetch her shoes. Must have been so tired. I wonder if she still wears that beauty pageant crown or just abstractly feels its on her head still. It must be tight.

There’s more written about and said about Miss Simcoe-Grey, sorry, it’s Mrs. but more about that in a minute. I mention all this only because one must. Otherwise, those who scan these things would think it’s not an issue at all if I didn’t write about it.

While we’re at it, let’s quickly pen in her husband, too, Rahim Jaffer, former MP, again Conservative, somehow walking out of court with a cocaine possession charge tossed out. Again, it’s been written about, in is it really-us-and-them fashion. But, that’s what good lawyers are for, I suppose.

Again, apologies all round, I only mention it all because if I didn’t, someone perusing this blog might think, well if I didnt mention it there’s no issue.

And actually there is. This blog is written in Alberta, the bastion of Conservatism.

Here’s a prediction for you. If Guegis isn’t tossed overboard with the garbage, crown and all, Rahim Jaffer will only be the first Alberta Conserative MP to lose his or her seat. This issue is that big. Actually, I take that back. It’s bigger.

The pair really are beyond words, but so soon after her husband should have laid low, Miss Simcoe-in-grey really illustrated to us peons who’s important around here. One would think we couldn’t vote.

That and I haven’t mentioned the letter writing. My goodness. There is something rather gallling about that. But skipping nearly to the end, it was a newspaper response of sorts to it all that could only come from a Conservative source. The gist of it was, the Liberals have done it, too.

Really, now. Not being a Liberal, I’d still venture to say at no time in Canadian history has there ever, ever ever, I mean, ever, been anything quite like this.

And with all that ugly mess mentioned, I’ll wash my hands. The anonymous staff-praises-Helena (not just Helen) Guergis through coordinated letters to newspapers after being ordered to fetch her shoes must come later.

CTV Halifax interviewer Steve Murphy, in a sit-down interview with Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, asked if he were prime minister today, what would he do differently than Prime Minister Steven Harper on the economy.

Much is being made of Dion’s not understanding the question. The beginning of the interview is shown above courtesy of Youtube.


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