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The mystique of cult Obama, the rockstar politician who emails, will eventually corrode. It is the nature of all politicians to eventually tarnish, no matter how much spin can polish.
Where will this corrosion first take hold?
I think I see where it might.
In the United States, the head politician, the president, will be immortalized, go down in history, have his name ranked in encyclopedias for easy reference, During his term he will personify the country itself. For good or ill, the country will be a reflection of the president. He will become his time. His image will be the image of the country.
Think of FDR. Dashing, jaw jutted, confident, cigarette holder in bared smiling clenched teeth. Truman. Quick stepped, deliberate, decisive, reporters on the run to keep up with him as he walked each morning from Blair House, where he lived, to the White House where he worked. Calvin Coolidge, quiet, reserved, lassez-faire, hands off manager of a country of unregulated and unbridled confidence that would run into a wall to end the roaring 20s. Kennedy, a superstar politician who challenged America to go at least to the moon in an era where America seemed capable of anything.
Was it Leacock who wrote about the 1930s banker, who was asked, as he rushed into a restaurant from his limousine how the depression had affected him.
“Terrible, just terrible,” he said on the fly.
Like that banker, we have seen Obama less in the oval office, where he is needed, and more in exotic locales. He is needed to repair America’s damaged self among its allies, and he is doing, it seems, a refreshingly remarkable job.
But the image of the president on an endless honeymoon, flying off to Broadway on a jet from Washington and back for the only and specific purpose to date his wife in the middle of a recession laying off millions, may be the chip in the mystique that eventually begins the inevitable corrosion.


The late great Richard Pryor had an epiphany he recounted for a crowd during his stand-up comedy act which had used a lot of foul language, including the “n” word. In fact, at one time Pryor’s act was saturated with the word.

In the video he describes for the audience a moment of a heartfelt realization that so moved him he wept. This video clip doesn’t show it, or say it, but the moment he is describing is actually during a visit to Africa. From that moment he describes, he disliked using the word “nigger” or having other people use it, and he explains why.

His act uses a lot of foul language, be warned if you choose to play the video.

I looked up the video clip a day or two after seeing some rather angry Republican crowds on other Youtube videos and in the mainstream television news. Not that they are angry Barak Obama is black, or his middle name is Hussein, or that he had attended a church lead by a minister who declared to his congregation, “God damn America.” They may be angry or they may be frustrated. I shouldn’t be interested, really, but it is somewhat alarming that there is that much pent-up frustation in this race for the White House.

But if anyone is thinking the “n” word (My Gawd, we gonna have a nigger in the Whaat Ha-ouse.) see Richard Pryor describing his epiphany. Apparently, it was quite a moment and what he is trying to get across comes through.

Here is a link to Pryor’s fan website. Careful, the site includes recordings of a time when he used the “n” word quite a bit. Don’t know who Richard Pryor is? Well, I guess you had to live during the time when he was a living icon. Here is the wikipedia link that briefly describes his life that ended in 2005.

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Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,471, is the adopted home of its governor, Sarah Palin for 36 years, and is no backwater. As recent as 1994, fourty-five per cent of Alaskans voted to move the state capital from Juneau to the picturesque community of fishing boats, float planes, two lakes and a mountain view.
An hour’s drive to the south-west from Wasilla, finds you in the states’ largest city, Anchorage, and about a third of the working population of Wasilla make that commute.
Until now, likely the most notable celebrity to come out of Wasilla is April Flowers, exotic dancer and porn actress.
That is, until today. John McCain has picked his running mate and it is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Wasilla resident and governor of the State of Alaska since December, 2006. The hockey mom lives in Wasilla with her husband Todd, a First Nation Alaskan and oil patch worker on the North Slope.
McCain’s pick is a suprising choice. Not long ago Palin was a town council member, the former television sports reporter earning her journalism degree with scholarships in a 1984 state beauty pageant. She is a former Miss Wasilla, won Miss Congeniality, and went on to win runner-up Miss Alaska.
She has been turned out to be less than congenial in Alaskan politics, challenging the toughest and winning over long-time politicians, attacking high spending, and not afraid to dismiss entire boards to appoint her own to obtain favourable decisions.
She was never mentioned as a possible running mate for McCain, who chose her over the business-savvy Mitt Romney, swing state notablesTim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and even former Gore running mate Joe Lieberman, who’s views on the Iraq war match McCain’s. Lieberman, a Democrat, endorsed McCain’s candidacy.
Palin lives her pro-life values. Even though Palin knew beforehand the chances of their youngest child, now just five months old, would be born with Down’s Syndrome, she became a mother for the fifth time.
The Palins’ oldest son, in the infantry, will ship out to Iraq in September.


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