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Every great speech has its memorable one-liner.
Sarah Palin’s speech to the Republican National Convention had more than one, but the stand-out was a self-description, a teaser one-liner delivered like a joke.
“What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick.”
They say writers should write what they know. The same thing can be said about politicians. Palin played it smart and talked about family, small town values and energy.
She not only struck a cord, and not only met expectations, she told Americans she understood them, she was one of them. She exceeded expectations with the most important speech of the convention and of her life. If she didn’t hit a home run, McCain would be stranded on base.
Palin hit a home run.
“Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reasons, not just to mingle with the right people,” Palin said. Her small town background didn’t show when she began mixing it up with her big-time opponents, reminding the crowd that Obama had written two memoirs but not a single law.
A sign in the audience read, “Straight talk” and she gave it.
“The American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery,” Palin said, asking after the Democrats took their “styrofoam Greek columns” back to a studio lot, after being used at their convention in Denver, the Democrats plan for America were unclear.
In response to her criticism about her lack of foreign policy experience, she spoke about her concerns of new Russian energy aggressiveness in being overly ready to turning down the oil taps in the new pipelines stemming from it and the unfriendliness of Venezuela.
She wanted it understood that she understands oil and the geopolitics of it.
Wanting new energy sources is not an excuse to do nothing, Palin said, trumpeting the TransCanada Corporation’s $40 billion natural gas pipeline that will take Alaskan gas south to the lower 48.
She spoke of the small-town gas station of her sister and brother in law- the message is that she understands small business owners. She spoke of her son in the infantry going off to Iraq on September 11, eight days from now.
Palin’s well-delivered message was ‘I am one of you’.
On another channel before Palin spoke, Jay Leno already had his Palin one-liners in.
“This might be the first time a beauty contestant might actually bring us world peace. They’ve been talking about it for years.”
There were favourable optics during the speech. Family members holding the five-month old baby in turn, the youngest of Sarah and Todd Palin’s children, as Sarah Palin made her speech of a lifetime. One daughter (was it Willow?) holding the baby, then Todd, then the youngest daughter, repeatedly wiping her palm with her tongue to slick down the baby’s hair, Todd’s practiced “first guy” wave to the crowd when he was introduced by his wife on stage, and the look in his face of genuine admiration when John McCain stepped on stage and Todd Palin shook his hand.
It is interesting that Palin’s speech had leaning references to the Democrats. The term “profile in courage” is one letter away from book title written by John Kennedy.She also compared her unlikely rise from a small town to be chosen as the vice-presidential nominee to that of Independence, Missouri’s Harry Truman.
Sarah Palin hit a home run with her speech, energizing a dreary convention and easily putting to rest any concerns she might not be up to the challenge of the American presidential race she is fully in now.

The big proof Palin’s speech was a home run? Cindy McCain actually showed emotion at the end as she applauded.

The biggest surprise. Any thought that Palin is a lightweight with less experience (read “executive” experience) than Obama or Biden who has been in the Senate since 1972 and is well versed in foreign policy. The crowd chanted “zero, zero” several times, on message to point out Palin has governing executive experience, as a mayor and state governor, a claim neither Obama or Biden can make. Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle made that point in her address before Palin spoke. Palin described her two terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska as being “sort of like a community organizer” but with “responsibilities”, a shot at Obama, who has made much of his Chicago work as a community organizer after graduating from Harvard.

Another thought: One part of the speech might bite Palin back. She trumpeted that she turned down the $329 million “bridge to nowhere” link between Ketchikan, Alaska with its island airport on Gravina Island, when news reports have already established she ran for governor supporting it, and Congress had abolished the earmark before she decided she was against the project. A regular ferry service runs between the two points year round. Watch for Palin to have to answer questions on that one in the coming days.

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1942 Joe Biden born.
1964 Sarah (Heath) Palin  born.
1965 Biden graduates from University of Delaware in history and political science.
1966 Neilia Hunter marries Joe Biden.
1968 Biden graduates law school.
1969 Admitted to Delaware bar, Biden begins practicing law.
1970 Biden elected Castle County councillor.
1972 Biden wins election to United States Senate, the fifth youngest senator in U.S. history.
1972 Joe Biden’s wife and daughter killed in automobile collision.
1977 Biden marries Jill Jacobs.
1982 Palin on team that wins Alaska small-school basketball championship.
1984 Palin wins Miss Wasilla, Alaska beauty pageant and then wins runner-up Miss Alaska.
1987 Joe Biden becomes chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
Biden runs for Democratic nomination for president.
Palin graduates from University of Idaho in journalism and political science.
1988 Sarah and Todd Palin marry.
1994 Senate passes Biden Crime Law (Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act)
1992 Palin serves as Wasilla, Alaska, councillor.
1996 Palin becomes Wasilla mayor.
1999 Palin elected president Alaska Conference of Mayors
2001 Biden becomes chairperson of the U.S Senate Committee on Foriegn Relations.
2002 Biden wins sixth Senate term.
Biden votes for military force against Iraq.
2003 Palin appointed Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
2006 Palin beats the incumbent governor for the Republican nomination.
Palin elected Alaska’s youngest governor and first female governor.
2007 Biden runs for Democratic presidential nomination for second time.
2008 Joe Biden named Democratic running mate.
2008 Sarah Palin named Republican running mate.

Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,471, is the adopted home of its governor, Sarah Palin for 36 years, and is no backwater. As recent as 1994, fourty-five per cent of Alaskans voted to move the state capital from Juneau to the picturesque community of fishing boats, float planes, two lakes and a mountain view.
An hour’s drive to the south-west from Wasilla, finds you in the states’ largest city, Anchorage, and about a third of the working population of Wasilla make that commute.
Until now, likely the most notable celebrity to come out of Wasilla is April Flowers, exotic dancer and porn actress.
That is, until today. John McCain has picked his running mate and it is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Wasilla resident and governor of the State of Alaska since December, 2006. The hockey mom lives in Wasilla with her husband Todd, a First Nation Alaskan and oil patch worker on the North Slope.
McCain’s pick is a suprising choice. Not long ago Palin was a town council member, the former television sports reporter earning her journalism degree with scholarships in a 1984 state beauty pageant. She is a former Miss Wasilla, won Miss Congeniality, and went on to win runner-up Miss Alaska.
She has been turned out to be less than congenial in Alaskan politics, challenging the toughest and winning over long-time politicians, attacking high spending, and not afraid to dismiss entire boards to appoint her own to obtain favourable decisions.
She was never mentioned as a possible running mate for McCain, who chose her over the business-savvy Mitt Romney, swing state notablesTim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and even former Gore running mate Joe Lieberman, who’s views on the Iraq war match McCain’s. Lieberman, a Democrat, endorsed McCain’s candidacy.
Palin lives her pro-life values. Even though Palin knew beforehand the chances of their youngest child, now just five months old, would be born with Down’s Syndrome, she became a mother for the fifth time.
The Palins’ oldest son, in the infantry, will ship out to Iraq in September.


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