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What do the folks back in Wasilla, Alaska, think of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech last night before the Republican National Convention?

The local newspaper, the Wasilla Frontiersman, has this story with some interviews from an excited crowd at Tailgaters, a local watering hole where many watched the speech.

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How does it feel to have Sarah Palin so close to the American vice-presidency?

“A little scary,” said Alaska radio broadcaster Shannyn Moore, in a telephone interview this morning with Nancy Wilson of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Moore noted the story previous to her interview on the program was on Vice-president Dick Cheney’s visiting Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Ukraine, following the Russian invasion of Georgia. Moore said she believed Palin wouldn’t be up to speed on the issue to do that task.

How did Palin do in her acceptance speech before the Republican National Convention?

Very well, said Moore, adding she was familiar with Palin’s speaking style.

“That wasn’t her,” she said, adding she believed Palin had extensive voice coaching before the speech that speech writers had done for her. Moore said only on a few occasions did some of Palin’s own style come out.

Moore, who has interviewed Palin on several occasions, told Wilson she has much in common with Palin, as an Alaskan, a hunter and teachers as parents, but adds she knows Palin’s record.

Palin’s harshest critics are in her own party, said Moore, adding that Palin’s 80 per cent approval rating is in large part due to giving more oil royalties to Alaskan citizens, citing a typical response to be, “She’s doing a great job. I just received a $1,200 cheque from her.”

Some issues Moore touched on: Alaska under Palin suing the federal government to take polar bears off the endangered species list. A huge issue in Alaska was the recent vote on what was called Ballot Measure 4, on stronger environmental standards to protect the Bristol Bay salmon fishery, reportedly the largest in North America. Stronger environmental standards might have killed the proposed Pebble Mine, which will be, if built, the largest open pit mine in North America. (Interestingly, the mine has a Canadian connection, with shares of Northern Dynasty rising 20 per cent after the vote to narrowly kill the stronger environmental measures.) Moore said Palin supported the mine proponents.

“She is very, very pro-business,” Moore said.

Moore also told Wilson Palin took debt-free Wasilla Alaska to about $20 million in debt when she left after two terms.

Moore’s blog, Just a Girl from Homer, is found here.

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Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,471, is the adopted home of its governor, Sarah Palin for 36 years, and is no backwater. As recent as 1994, fourty-five per cent of Alaskans voted to move the state capital from Juneau to the picturesque community of fishing boats, float planes, two lakes and a mountain view.
An hour’s drive to the south-west from Wasilla, finds you in the states’ largest city, Anchorage, and about a third of the working population of Wasilla make that commute.
Until now, likely the most notable celebrity to come out of Wasilla is April Flowers, exotic dancer and porn actress.
That is, until today. John McCain has picked his running mate and it is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Wasilla resident and governor of the State of Alaska since December, 2006. The hockey mom lives in Wasilla with her husband Todd, a First Nation Alaskan and oil patch worker on the North Slope.
McCain’s pick is a suprising choice. Not long ago Palin was a town council member, the former television sports reporter earning her journalism degree with scholarships in a 1984 state beauty pageant. She is a former Miss Wasilla, won Miss Congeniality, and went on to win runner-up Miss Alaska.
She has been turned out to be less than congenial in Alaskan politics, challenging the toughest and winning over long-time politicians, attacking high spending, and not afraid to dismiss entire boards to appoint her own to obtain favourable decisions.
She was never mentioned as a possible running mate for McCain, who chose her over the business-savvy Mitt Romney, swing state notablesTim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and even former Gore running mate Joe Lieberman, who’s views on the Iraq war match McCain’s. Lieberman, a Democrat, endorsed McCain’s candidacy.
Palin lives her pro-life values. Even though Palin knew beforehand the chances of their youngest child, now just five months old, would be born with Down’s Syndrome, she became a mother for the fifth time.
The Palins’ oldest son, in the infantry, will ship out to Iraq in September.


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